The Building Process

We are pleased to be in discussion with you regarding the design and planning of your new home

Everything we do Hakuna Homes is aimed at delivering the most rewarding building experience possible.
By following our system of stages, we work closely with you and local experts to deliver a professional service and a customised Hakuna Home. Imagine a new home designed around you. We make building your new home a simple process. Choose your design, select your inclusions, arrange finance and leave the rest to us.


STEP 1 - New Home Design Centre

First step is to call into our New Homes Design Centre in Port Macquarie. Together with you, our New Homes Consultant (NHC) will begin the process of gathering information regarding your land, your design requirements, your budget and your selected inclusions.


STEP 2 - Estimate stage

As a service to assist you in your selection of your design, and level of inclusions, we will compile an estimate of the cost of the design. This estimate will provide you with the costs that reflect your requirements to this point.


STEP 3 - Proposal stage

Next your NHC will present you with a proposal and estimate of costs. Once you are happy with the estimate, our NHC will do a site visit to assess your land and raise any concerns or suggestions they may have regarding your choice of design. Once any concerns are addressed we will move to the next stage.


STEP 4 - Design/Concept stage

In order for us to prepare an accurate fixed price quote we require some further information. Information such as site contours, soil type, bushfire assessment level (dependent upon site location), preliminary BASIX report and the drafting of a Concept Plan. We cannot go any further in the design, planning and costing of your new home without these indicators. This information will enable us to more accurately price the earthworks, retaining and foundation costs and requirements for energy efficiency compliance (BASIX) and bush fire rated homes. Typically these are the largest Post Contract signing cost over-run surprises. We aim to avoid these sorts of unwelcome surprises in the building process before you make a commitment to build with us. Giving you certainty and peace of mind. We will now ask you to pay a fee to have these preliminary reports carried out. These fees are non-refundable but become part of your building deposit should you proceed further with your new home.


STEP 5 - Quote stage

Once concept plans are drafted, we invite you to meet us for a one-hour meeting to discuss these drawings. There is one re-draft of minor changes to the Concept plans included in the Design Fee. Within 14 days of receipt of the reports, your NHC will formulate a set of specifications and pricing for your home, based on the final draft of the Concept plan and the report information. Your home will be priced to the inclusion level of your choice, taking full advantage of Hakuna Homes’ competitive buying power, value for money inclusions and low overhead costs that many of the large building companies and franchise builders cannot offer.


STEP 6 - Planning approval stage

Once we receive your acceptance of our quote, a deposit to cover cost of preparing lodgement of plans is due. Payment of these costs allows us to move to the Planning Approval Stage.


STEP 7 - Contract signing

With documentation ready for submission to Council/Private Certifier, we will provide you with the Building Contract for your perusal and signing.


STEP 8 - Colour Selection stage

While your plans are in Council/Certifier you will have opportunity to visit our suppliers and make your final selections. You then have the opportunity to meet with our Colour Consultant to go through the internal/external house colours to co-ordinate all your finishes and final selection of fittings and styles.


STEP 9 - Council approval

Once Building Approval is obtained, we consider any special conditions of approval that might implicate the build and advise you of any price or plan adjustments required. Your plans are then sent back to drafting to ensure relevant detail is shown, ready for your final approval and site construction.


STEP 10 - Site commencement

Once your plans and finance are approved, all documentation completed and signed and your land settled, the Balance of a 10% deposit is required to be paid. This now enables us to program the construction of your new home and commence on-site. Just prior to starting, our Construction Manager will meet with you on-site to discuss your new home and the various stages of construction.


Should you have any questions please contact us!

At Hakuna Homes we aim to make the planning and building of your home a positive experience from start to finish by being professional, open and honest in all our dealings with you, our valued customer. We trust that you will let us facilitate this process for you in the progression of stages that Hakuna Homes have tested since 1995, making dream homes a reality. Building processes used in the construction of hundreds of new homes.